Our Story

Who We Are

My love for backpacking began while hiking the Pinhoti National Trail in 2012. The idea of having everything you need in a backpack was exciting and challenging, not to mention the good times you have with your friends. Limiting what you bring to the essentials can feel so free, and it can remind you that sometimes simpler is better. 

But there are some people who have to live like this on a daily basis with very limited to no resources. The very things that are brought on a backpacking trip such as a pot, a sleeping bag and a tent are some of the things that some people use just to survive. 

In an effort to combine my passion for adventure and helping people, I decided to go to the store, buy a backpack, and stuff it full of backpacking essentials that would help a homeless person and give him/her hope. The backpack had a sleeping bag, down jacket, a pot, eating utensils, chapstick, among other things, and I gave it to a guy who was collecting cans off the side of the road for money to eat.  

After completing the second backpack, I began to ponder what it would be like to have a company that would embody the backpacks that I had given away; a company that would embody Adventure and Hope. 


Why Alpaca?

Alpacas are native to Peru in the longest mountain range in the world- the Andes. They are specifically bred for clothing and are an intricate part of the Peruvian culture. Alpacas are most at home at 14,000 feet about sea level, although they can be found all over South America and the world. We chose the alpaca as our model because they were designed to withstand harsh conditions in the mountains. We want to ultimately design gear that will do the same. 


Our Goal

Our goal is to specialize in making backpacks, sleeping bags, jackets, tents and outdoor clothing. But we couldn't start there. As the old saying goes, you have to crawl before you walk. So, we began the journey by designing tee shirts, sweatshirts, and hats that represent the heart behind Alpaca and propel us forward to making awesome, quality gear. 

Our goal is also to give a portion of our profits to provide Hope to people in need. We are doing this by supporting clean water projects in Nepal, and we hope to expand into more countries. Clean water in America is readily available, but it isn't in other countries. The World Health Organization estimates that 3.6 million people a year die from diseases in dirty water. So we decided to combine our passion for the outdoors with meeting others’ needs.

Being adventurous and giving Hope. 



Written by:

Keith Wilson, Owner and Founder